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Deer Velvet Wanted

Tsengs Enterprises are currently produce and supply following products to domestic and overseas market

Green Deer Velvet
Green Deer velvet are collected from deer farm for further sorting and packing in our MPI certified factory for shipping overseas market, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan etc.

Processed Deer Velvet 
Collected green deer velvet can be processed to dry in our factory using low temperature drying technique to maintain blood color inside the velvet.  Processed deer velvet can be sold at whole piece or sliced at clients' requirement.

Deer Velvet Extract(Powder)
Produced from any part of deer velvet at client's requirement for pharmaceutical healthy food use and pet food energy supplement

<- Deer Velvet Powder

<- Deer Velvet Capsules

Deer Hard Antler

Hard Antler are collected from deer farm for trophy, crafts or Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) market demand.

Deer Sinew , Deer Tail, Deer Pizzle 
Deer Sinew, Tail and Pizzle are by-products produced from deer slaughtering and are dry processed in our MPI certified factory for the market demand in locally and Asien countries.