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New Zealand is known as his purity and quality of its agricultural products, and those same high standard applies to deer velvet in which a world recognized clean and green country breeding surpreme blood line stag deer for velveting.

Tsengs' s deer velvet products are processed in low-temp controlled drying room to 100% dryness before further supplying to end user and pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Scientific Research on Deer Velvet 

Deer Velvet
 is used primarily to maintain and support energy levels,stimulate mental clarity and enhance immunse system.
Western research is not only supporting these traditional uses, But also discovering new applications such its ability to improve athletic performance. Other used for velvet have been documented in animal and human studies as follows

►Immune Function- The precise way in which velvet antler supports the white blood cell count is not known, but one possible answer may be that it increase the number of anti-body secreting cells in response to an immune challenge from a pathogen.

►Joint and Soft Tissue Health-Studies have shown that velvet antler may support joint function and healthy tissue. A study on mice in New Zealand showed that velvet antler acted in a positive manner on damaged peritoneal tissue.

►Growth-Velvet antler is traditionally in Asia to support normal growth and development of the body

►Blood- Animal studies show that velvet antler may support healthy blood by maintaining the blood's ability to carry oxygen and by supporting normal cell counts.

►Anti-aging- In animal studies velvet antler appears to have the effect of decreasing the contents of enzymes in the liver and brain, which are associated with degenerative processes and has supported healthy plasma testosterone, liver protein content and liver enzymes associated with cell growth. The scientists who carried out this work concluded that velvet antler could have anti-aging effects by supporting healthy body functions. 

►Cholesterol- In a study on the effects of deer velvet on cholesterol in guinea pigs, treatment with deer velvet helped maintain healthy liver, spleen and brain cholesterol.

►Blood Pressure-  Animal research shows that deer velvet extract may support normal blood pressure in healthy people.

►Anti-tumor- Some effects have been detected in studies on mice.