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Tsengs Enterprises (NZ) Limited was established by Johnson Tseng who came to New Zealand for sourcing green deer velvet supply in early 90's for market demand in Taiwan.
In 1994, A NZMPI certified packing house were built with 100% owned by Tsengs for processing and exporting deer velvet and related deer by-products.
Nowadays, Tsengs has been HACCP/RMP certified with
 full license as a velvet processor (PH488) and exporter (TE888) that are able to offer our clients with quality products and service. 
Tsengs also work with honourable livestock agent and maintain direct relationship with deer farmer by offering competitive market price to secure long term supply of premium quality deer velvet for commercial demand. 

Processing Facility (PH 488) 
Freezer - 10 Tons freezing capacity   
Cooking Oven - Up to 800 kilos deer velvet and related products cooking capacity per batch
Low-Temp Freeze Drying Room - 4 Tons deer velvet and related products drying capacity
Grinder - Powdering machine from 80 - 150 mesh
Packaging Machine - All kind of packing facility

Deer velvet in
drying process

Export Market
Our products has been exported to China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Canada and local New Zealand for traditional TCM and pharmaceutical market with honorable reputation in quality and service since 1994.

Deer velvet for inspecting and grading prior to sale.