Tsengs Enterprises (NZ) Limited is a Christchurch based purchaser, processor and exporter of New Zealand Deer Velvet and Deer Co-Products with its 100% own HACCP/RMP Packing House factory certified by New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, NZMPI, since 1994.
The deer velvet & Co-products processed in our factory are all sourced from local farmed deer at contract and regular base to secure long term supply and assure quality to meet overseas market standard.
Our packing house factory is not just packing frozen deer products for exporting but also process deer velvet, deer sinews, deer tails, deer pizzles, deer foetus, related deer co-products & venison meat for human consumption marketor pet food market.


Whole Stick New Zealand Deer Velvet
Sliced Deer Velvet
Deer Sinews
Deer Tails
Deer Pizzles
Deer Foetus
Deer Antlers
VigoroPlus Deer Velvet Powder
VigoroPlus Deer Velvet Capsules
VigoroPlus Deer Pizzles Capsules
VigoroPlus Deer Sinew Capsules


VigoroPet  Venison Jerky for Dog Treats
VigoroPet  Dog Chew Deer Antler
VigoroPet  Deer Velvet Powder for Pet

New Zealand Frozen Deer Velvet
New Zealand Deer Velvet Horn Drying Process
New Zealand Deer Sinew
New Zealand Deer Antler
VigoroPet Deer Velvet Powder for Pet
VigoroPlus New Zealand Deer Velvet Powder新西兰鹿茸粉
VigoroPlus New Zealand Deer Velvet Capsules新西兰鹿茸膠囊
New Zealand Deer Velvet
Deer Velvet Slice, Jelly Tip新西兰鹿茸腊片
New Zealand Deer Horn Velvet Slice
New Zealand Deer Sinew
VigoroPet Venison Jerky for dog treats
Deer Dog Chew Antler


13 Prairie Place,
Hornby, Christchurch 8042
New Zealand
+(64) 3 3495580, +(64) 21 685789
Email: tsengs@xtra.co.nz

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